fredag den 7. februar 2014



Sometimes (actually very often) I MAKE my own clothes, yoy know right from scratch! And I will of course make sure to post all of my DIY-from-scratch-stuff aswell.
Here's a little stopmotion video of a pair of socks I've crocheted for my boyfriend. Size 45... 

I sort of made my own pattern because the pattern I followed were really bad! The result; an uneven crocheted pair of socks! This also means that I won't be able to tell you how I crocheted theese socks... Because to be honest I have no idea, I just gave it a go. So I suggest you do the same; find a basic pattern and then figure out what looks and feels right :D

A closer look of the pattern

My boyfriend puts on the socks... AND... they itch

onsdag den 5. februar 2014



I bought theese jeans for 20DKK in a thriftshop. They were waaaay to big for me, and too long aswell, I actually think they are mens jeans... But what ever, that's not gonna stop me!! I decided to make them into a (long wanted!!!!) pair of boyfriend jeans. 


What I did:
  1. I folded the left side over the leg and the pocket. 
  2. Then cut of the top of the jean, which were going to be hidden under the "fold-over", so that I wouldn't have to sew through 4 layers of denim, but only 2 layers.
  3. Sewed the side of the leg onto the leg at the top, and then attached the fabric down the leg aswell, to make it more cohesive. 
  4. I folded up the bottom of the legs 2 times, to give them that "boyfriend" look
  5. D.O.N.E.


At this last picture you can see how the side of the jeans have been folded over, were you would normally take them in and cut of the extra fabric.

Must say; I'm in love with theese jeans!

tirsdag den 4. februar 2014




A black top with a loooooooooot of sequins on it...


One scissor and a sequin-hell later; a wonderful string vest
What I did:

  1. Cut all the sequins in half so that you can take them off without ruining the strings
  2. Continue doing that for, let's say... 3 hours
  3. DONE!

Just as a bonus info, it turns out that string vests aren't to happy to be machine washed.. at least mine wasn't... so now I have a string vest with A LOT of holes in it... well you can't win'em all ;)



So yesterday I went through my closet and put everything into piles of what to keep and what to give away or sell at a flea market. It turned out that I also had a pile of stuff I wanted to remake!I had this t-shirt of mixed grey shades which I thought was quite boring, so I decided to make it into a top instead. 


As you can see it's just a plain grey t-shirt with rolled up sleeves and a pocket on the chest. Initially I thought the location of the pocket might become an issue because I wanted to have a very open sleeve. Therefore I decided to just cut through the pocket aswell and let the pocket follow the line of the shirt. What I did: 
  1. Cut the sleeves of, leaving extra fabric to take up the sides and give it a nice finish 
  2. Take up the sides and sew along the "sleeves"
  3. Finally I took in the sides to make the top tight and follow my body shape. 

The daylight was much better when I took the "after" photos, so despite the fact that this shirt now looks like a much lighter grey, it is in fact the same shirt :D
As you can see it is now a top and not a t-shirt, and the pocket is no longer a square on the chest, but an integreted part of the "sleeve" 

VERY easy to make and I would imagine you could do this with any old shirt you have in the back of your closet.